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The purchase of an online program is being done after a consultation with one of our agents, either on the website or using email or one of our official profiles on social media. For the agent to be able to recommend the right program, the client needs to provide all the necessary information (goals, preferences, and overall health). After that, the client will be provided a detailed description of the plan and informed about the price and available payment methods.


All products in the company’s assortment can be ordered in a few simple steps:
– By choosing the desired product and clicking “ADD TO CART” you will get a view of your cart and the subtotal that you need to pay.
– After that you will need to fill out the order form and, if you have any further questions, contact our team.
– The order will be processed after you click on “BUY” and receive the confirmation email about the availability of your chosen product.


– For orders on the Atika site, first you need to find the item that you would like to purchase;
– Ordering from the website is possible for all listed items on the website, simply by clicking on the “ADD TO CART” button, after that, you will be taken to your cart where you can see the subtotal that you need to pay.

– Items bought from the website will be billed according to the price of the item on the day it was purchased.
– In the case of order cancellations, returns, or exchanges, the buyer will cover all costs that may occur.

By clicking on the “PURCHASE” button in your cart you will be forwarded to the last step, where you need to provide your information in order to complete the order. Please make sure you enter all the necessary information.

You will also need to confirm that you are familiar with our terms and conditions and that you agree to them. After clicking on the “COMPLETE PURCHASE” button you will receive an automated confirmation email: “You successfully completed your order and it has been forwarded to Atika’s sales team. Please double-check your order and the provided information.”

Our sales team will then check if the items that you ordered are available. If the items cannot be delivered, you will receive an email informing you that the item is no longer available and that the order has been cancelled. In that case, you do not have any legal obligation to us.



When shopping on Atika’s website, you can choose one of the following payment methods:
The payment can only be done in the local currency.
a) Cash on delivery means that the total amount of the order is paid on receiving the package.
b) The payment is done in cash, and the cash is given to the representative of a third-party company that is delivering the order.
c) The buyer needs to prepare the exact amount of money for the payment.

When paying with credit or debit cards, it is important to know that the privacy of your information is protected and secured using SSL encryption.

Online billing sites are protected by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with a 128-bit data encryption. SSL is a method used for data encryption that protects the information during its transmission, in order to prevent unauthorized access to it. All transactions done via credit or debit cards will be processed in BAM. If the payment is being done using a card that has been issued by a foreign bank, the amount will be converted into the Settlement currency of the bank (EUR) according to the Central Bank’s current course list.

While your card is being charged, the once converted amount will now be converted into your local currency according to the card’s provider’s course list. All prices on the website are in BAM, but due to those conversions that might occur, the end price can vary from what is stated on the site.


Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

Transactions for those two countries can be done in one of the following ways:

1. By transferring the money onto one of the company’s bank accounts, using a traditional transaction via bank or post office
2. Via E-banking
3. Via Pay-Pal
4. Via credit or debit card

Other countries:

For all other countries we offer the following payment options:

1. Credit or debit card
2. Via Pay-Pal
3. Traditional transaction via a middleman in one of the previously mentioned countries.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Items ordered via Atika’s site will be delivered by a third-party company, which will deliver your package within three (3) working days after we have confirmed the order.
The package will arrive at your address between 8AM and 4PM, so please make sure that someone is home during that time in order to receive the package. If no one is there when the package arrives, it will be brought back to the nearest post office where you can pick it up by providing the code that was delivered to your address.
Atika’s sales team will contact the customer to check why the package could not be delivered and to arrange another pickup attempt.


Products ordered via our website are being delivered by an external company that specializes in delivery. If the client wasn’t present to receive the package, the delivery man will leave a notice about the missed attempt with a phone number that the client can call in order to arrange another pickup attempt.



If you have received your ordered product or service and concluded that the order, in terms of composition, characteristics and effects, does not correspond to what we promised during the consultation, you have the right to exchange the product or service.

Exchange of products or services
– If you decide that you want to exchange the product for something else out of our offer, you will need to cover the shipping costs of the item that is being returned, and Atika will cover the shipping cost of the new item.
– The exchange of a service (online program) you purchased is being done by sending an inquiry via the same channel that you used before (email, the platform or official site of the company).

You have the right for a refund if:
– The purchased service or good does not meet the description that was provided when purchasing it.
– Atika’s employees cannot or refuse to correct deficiencies that you have pointed out and which are in conflict with the guaranteed characteristics of the product or service

– there is no other service or product that can replace the faulty one

Refunds for customers who do not have an open bank account, will be done electronically via postal transaction within five (5) days of the date when the returned item is received by the company.
If the customer has used a credit or debit card for the purchase, Atika is obliged to refund the money using the VISA, MEASTRO OR EC/MC payment method. Which means that the bank will, on our request, refund the money to your bank account.

In order to qualify for a refund, the item you have purchased needs to be undamaged, in its original package, and you need to have a signed form for replacement or return, as well as a reclamation form, all of which you can find HERE.




Article 25 – Article 31 of the Law on Consumer Protection of the Republic of Srpska and Article 56 of the Law on Consumer Protection of the Republic of Serbia define the manner, conditions and procedure for resolving complaints (reclamations) of customers due to inconsistencies of sold goods through the site atika.net and how the customers can exercise their right.

Reclamation requests can be submitted via e-mail: reklamacije@atika.net

When requesting a reclamation, the customer needs to:

– submit a filled in reclamation form, which can be downloaded here
– in the form state the reasons for the reclamation and provide a desired resolution for his problem

The validity of the request will be determined by a commission. The response will be sent to the consumer within seven (7) work days from the date when the request was received.



By visiting and/or registering on our site you are agreeing to our privacy policy.
Atika d.o.o. Banja Luka commits to protecting your privacy and guarantees that all the information you provide will be used in accordance with our privacy policies described below:
• Who are we
• Which information do we gather
• How do we use this information
• Data security
• Who else can see your information
• You are concerned about…
• Contact us

Every personal information that was gathered on our website is controlled by Atika d.o.o Banja Luka.

When you place an order or communicate in another way with our website or company, we may ask for your personal information (name, phone number, address, bank account, credit card information…). We also might keep track of products that you were interested in, as well as how you use our site and which other sites you might have been visiting. We use that information to improve the offer and appearance of our website and to make it more user-friendly, safer and more convenient.
Like many other websites we also use cookies (you can google the term for more information) to gather certain information. Cookies will automatically tell us your IP address, what computer and browser you are using, and details about your internet connection.

All information is being stored safely and, according to our in-house security policy, can be used for:
1. Verification and delivery of orders
2. Providing customer support
3. Help preventing fraud (credit card checks)
4. Administration of giveaways and other games
5. Keeping your shopping history; when shopping on our website, or creating an account, you agree to the above-mentioned conditions.
6. Delivery of promotional material or special offers via a periodical newsletter.

Your safety is guaranteed because Atika d.o.o. uses the latest security measures to protect your information when browsing the site or making purchases from us.

Apart from our team at Atika d.o.o, your information can be sent to one of the courier services we use, in order to be able to deliver your purchases. Also, certain information can be forwarded to an authorized government agency upon their explicit request.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, or you already sent us some information that you do not want us to have, or you provided incorrect information, please feel free to contact us either via email or phone – we will make sure that the information is corrected, or removed, as soon as possible.
If this policy does not meet your expectations, or you feel that we did not respect it in some way, contact us so that we can help you solve your issues and concerns.


If you had any issues with an item or service sold in our online store, please contact us:

• Email at: reklamacije@atika.net
• Mail at: Atika d.o.o, Vase Pelagića 19a,
78000 Banja Luka, RS/BIH

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